Beauty Heroes February 2019 Subscription Box: Tabitha James Kraan

I received this trio in my February subscription from Beauty Heroes. I wanted to give these products a fair review, so I tried them multiple times before posting my thoughts. I should tell you upfront that for my hair type (thin and straight with very little volume) they didn’t quite fit my wish list, but if you are specifically wanting some insight into this brand and products, please continue reading below:

Scented Organic Hair Oil $52

This was my favorite product out of the three items I received, I enjoyed using it as an overnight treatment and the ingredients are clean and organic (there is also an amber crystal inside the bottle – nice touch!). I found the scent to be beautiful and subtle, but the oil unfortunately weighed my hair down too much to use during the day.

Clean Shampoo $35

With an aloe vera base, this shampoo is very light and does what it says in terms of detoxifying your strands. Unfortunately for me, that also resulted in a lack of hydration that my hair desperately needs. I was impressed by the lathering effect (especially considering the clean ingredients) and the Amber Rose scent was beautiful in the bottle. After rinsing my hair, most of the scent had dissipated.

Clean Conditioner $35

Also with an aloe base, I too found this conditioner to be very light. It felt buttery as I applied it to my strands, but after rinsing, my hair lacked hydration once more. Similar to the shampoo, the scent is very faint after rinsing.

Final thoughts: For the price of the subscription box ($42.95 per month), there is definitely a lot of value here ($122). I appreciate the opportunity to be exposed to new products and brands and I was sad these didn’t work for my hair type and wish list (more volume, additional hydration, smoothing, etc.).

Thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts!

Remember, you are appreciated and worthy of self-care and love.



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